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As an Internet Service Provider, the netplace Telematic GmbH offers an extensive product portfolio to business clients. Focus is set on the planning and hosting of international web sites, especially in connection with high availability, IT security and implementation of individual components.

With our modular structured Managed Hosting Services spanning almost all internet areas such as internet access, e-mail, domain and web hosting, we guarantee to carry out these projects smoothly.


Our roots date back to the beginning of internet use in Germany. Starting as a dedicated software house, the founders were developing system software for scientific purposes and the telecommunication industry. Even at the beginning of the 1990s, the internet was heavily used first as a development and communication platform and later as service infrastructure. During the mid-90s, there were already well-known companies relying on the internet competence of the founders of netplace. In 1997, we decided to found the netplace Telematic GmbH in order to focus on full internet service.

In 2002, with the completion of our data center in Munich, an important milestone was set, as we now were able to offer one-source hosting and infrastructure services. In 2009, with the launch of our hosting infrastructure in New York, we started building up our international hosting, which has ever since been constantly extended, first with Chinese hosting in Shanghai, followed by hosting in Singapore, and in 2016 we have established hosting in Moscow.

Our services

Max Fruth, CEO netplace Telematic
Max Fruth
Managing Director

Security, high availability and performance are quality characteristics of our internet services. To guarantee a nonstop high service level is the goal of our various development activities in the area of process integration and automation. Because only close interlocking of different operational processes allows for a continuous optimization and creates the basis for innovative projects.

The high availability of our internet services guarantees a redundant IT infrastructure and an extensive permanent functional monitoring. Additionally an automated update and patch management for operating systems and application components offers an important basis to the IT security of our Managed Hosting Services. The performance of our services is secured by constant extension of functionality and dimensioning of the IT systems.

A goal-oriented interaction between development and administration is prerequisite to successful internet applications.

Especially the yearlong know-how gained from operating successful internet projects of our customers in many branches is fundament to our knowledge when developing and realizing new innovative applications. Regarding this, a close cooperation between software development and administration is very important to us. Even during the planning phase, practical experience from for example IT security has to be taken into account. Automated methods to support operational processes should also be designed at an early stage. The application also has to allow for extensive monitoring and offer administrators all necessary information for optimization.

To our customers it is important that their service provider is able to offer development of the infrastructure, operation and services in one package. Expertise and services from one source reduce interfaces, minimize friction loss and therefore guarantee a reliable application operation.

High level IT services require a healthy mix of experienced IT strategists with innovative young staff.

Therefore both a thorough education and interdisciplinary expertise are basic requirements for becoming a member of our small project teams. By mentoring diploma theses and thorough education, netplace is actively involved in supporting qualified young IT blood. And of course our customers won’t be the last to benefit from the broad expertise of our staff during support cases. Looking beyond one’s own nose usually leads to a rather sped up problem solving, as the time-consuming way through support hierarchies is omitted.

Memberships / partnerships

logo denic netplace is associative member of the DENIC eG and therefore an official registration office for .de domains. Our trained staff will guarantee competent counseling with everything regarding the application, registration and operation of your domain.
RIPE NCC member
logo ripe netplace is a member of the RIPE NCC, the issuing office of IP addresses for Europe. As a so-called LIR (Local Internet Registry) we are a qualified counseling office and can issue IP addresses within our address range directly to our customers.
logo eco netplace is member of the eco, the registered association of internet economy. The purpose of this association is the representation of political interests for members (ISPs, APSs, content and service providers) and the cooperative design of a technical internet security standard.
logo eco netplace is connected to the DE-CIX, the most important German internet node. Our peering contracts with over 50 national and international providers guarantee short and fast transmission ways via this direct data exchange.
VMware Certified Professional
logo eco As certified VMWare partner, we offer qualified know-how of design and operation of virtual infrastructures based on VMware.
Microsoft Certified Partner
logo eco netplace is a certified Microsoft Partner and therefore has the right to license a multitude of Microsoft Server products based on the so-called Pay-Per-Use licensing model.
Cisco Premium Partner
logo cisco Being certified as a Cisco Premium Partner enables netplace to realize individual network solutions and to offer the according services in partnership with Cisco Systems.