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Hosting in MunichTHE Perfect start for your data on a journey around the globe

Best Benchmarks by independent Auditors

Our data center in Munich has been designed future-proof considering energy, cloud virtualization and customer orientation. By now, redundancy and 24/7 availability are standard for internet data centers. That is why we have also set focus on the seamless cooperation between customer service and infrastructure in order to be able to provide every customer with an optimized hosting environment.

High availability cannot be reduced to fail-proof supply systems and physical security. Integrated operational processes as well as their consistent implementation, continuing optimization and efficacy control are rather the key to fail-safe and secure operation.

ISO27001 Certification

The scope includes operational security of our data center in Munich and all administrative hosting processes.

During the annual audits, our system of managing data security is being rated excellent.

The integration of all our operational processes into a continuous optimized ISMS creates a strong shield from the threats internet applications are exposed to.

IT-Security Audits

Application in Focus

With our extensive hosting services, our goal is to provide an optimized Virtual Private Cloud for your internet application. Together we will work out the ideal configuration for your requirements regarding performance and IT security. During operation our hybrid monitoring will provide useful data that allows us to proactively apply optimizations for your systems.

Managed Hosting

Availability, security and performance are key factors to success in e-commerce. Promising internet projects often fail or are not able to meet the expectations due to overlooked or misjudged technical correlations, especially if services of different project partners are not inter-coordinated.

The project modules we use to host e-commerce applications have been designed with the experience and know-how from a multitude of successful projects. Our flexible services allow a growing with your requirements from an e-shop system up to an international e-commerce platform.

Virtual Private Cloud

Providing and administration of a Private Cloud with individually configurable components such as scalable VMs, load balancing and firewall services

Installation, update, tuning and security of system software and applications. Extensive monitoring and analysis of all application processes regarding infrastructure, software and experience

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High Availability Storage Solutions

Optimized storage solutions for different requirements of capacity and efficiency. Scalable clustering for high availability and performance. A distributed fail-safe file system (GlusterFS) is optionally available

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Backup and Disaster Recovery

Fail-safe, transaction consistent backups and shorter RTPOs caused by fast disaster recovery

Instant recovery on image and object level, recovery on transaction level for SQL Server databases

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Internet Essentials

Full service for essentials like all-glass fiber Ethernet or DSL, e-mail hosting, virtual web servers and product microsites. Management of domains and SSL certificates, management of pay-per-use software licenses

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CDN Services

Content Delivery Network to reduce loading times of international websites with Dynamic Site Acceleration for device- and browser-specific optimization of webcontent

Protection from DDoS attacks by extensive controls at the CDN edge nodes on network- and application-level

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Always-on with a fail-safe Data Center Infrastructure

Our data center in Munich classifies as Tier 3 by means of redundancy and availability. On the basis of regular maintenance, all supply system functions are thoroughly tested to guarantee an uninterrupted operation, even during incidents.

Our Cloud Hosting services are based on an ultra-modern redundant network infrastructure with broad segmentation according to operating purposes, guaranteeing security, short latencies and high bandwidth within the cloud.

Our datacenter in Munich has excellent internet connectivity with IP transit from Deutsche Telekom, Level3, TeliaSonera, China Telecom and a multitude of peerings.


10 GBit network infrastructure with Juniper and Cisco components

Redundant networks for core, distribution, edge, backup and administration

Flexible local traffic management with F5 load balancers


Tier 3 data center with spatial separation of carrier, hosting and backup into individual fire zones

Redundant air conditioning and self-sufficient emergency power supply

Electronic access control


Network and application security with Cisco and F5 firewall

VLANs with fix IP address areas for every hosting project

Powerful server and storage systems by Dell

Personal Support

Our team of motivated and competent administrators is looking forward to take care of your hosting application. Our administrators all work in teams with fixed customer assignment, to make sure that several staff members are familiar with a customer application and a quick reaction will not be depending on the knowledge of an individual.

Personal Support