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Hosting in ShanghaiBusiness in spite of Golden Shield and Internet Regulation

All things are difficult before they are easy ...
Golden Shield and Internet Regulation

Goal of the Golden Shield Project, also known as the ‘Great Firewall’, which took effect in 2003 is to block unwanted content from Chinese internet users. This is carried out by blocking for example IP address ranges, DNS filters, URLs and packet filters. Especially huge content providers such as Google, Facebook or Amazon are affected.

However, due to the blocking of large net blocks originating outside of China, many commercial web sites which are not really the target of these measures are also affected.

Another peculiarity is a strict internet regulation, making it impossible for foreign providers to design their own network infrastructure. China Telecom, China Unicom and China Mobile are the only net providers exclusively peering with ISPs outside of China. Usually these network exchange points do not match the needed specifications resulting in high packet loss rates.

The so-called IP Transit with Chinese net providers is highly expensive, with bandwidth costs of more than 10 times the usual price.

Websites on servers outside of China are of low interest to the users

Due to excruciating slow loading times and connection loss. If data has to be routed over the country border, these are common occurrences. There is no comparison to the highly performant websites of servers hosted in China.

China Hosting - a one-source solution concept

The issue is not solved just by hosting the website on a server in China. The server will have good connectivity within China; however the problems you encounter when publishing data on systems hosted in China are still persistent.

Optimized latency and 0% packet loss

With regular routing over the Internet it usually takes highly variable 450 to 750ms for data packets to travel from Munich to Shanghai and back, with a rate of about 75% never reaching their destination. The so-called Round Trip Time using the optimal peering connection of netplace and China Telecom is below very constant 200ms with 0% packet loss.

This way we guarantee a fault-safe content management of your website in China. You can use our optionally available special China-Routing Gateway for your data exchange.

Fast Page Load with a special Content Delivery Network

The country of China is almost as big as the whole European continent. To keep loading times as well as the expensive bandwidth costs low, we offer our customers in China to use the content delivery network of our partner ChinaNetCenter. Presently, ChinaNetCenter is operating more than 500 CDN nodes in China with a total bandwidth of 12 Tbps. This option is especially interesting for websites containing a considerable amount of media data.

Virtual Cloud Hosting Services

Our cloud infrastructure in China matches the quality standard of our other colocations. Fail-safety by redundancy, network firewalls, mirror servers for software updates, monitoring, DNS resolvers and e-mail forwarder are integral parts of our services in China.

Our services are characterized by the following key facts:

  • Hosting in Shanghai’s Zhangjiang data center, featuring a Tier 3+ colocation infrastructure
  • Redundant IP upstream by China Telecom, China Unicom and China Mobile, China’s biggest network providers
  • CDN by ChinaNetCenter, China’s biggest cloud service provider with more than 500 CDN nodes
  • Direct connectivity between the data centers in Munich and Shanghai by China Telecom
  • Simple and comfortable billing of the services in Germany

ICP Licence

Every website that is hosted in China needs an ICP licence for operation. This is a legal requirement. Otherwise there is risk that the website or even the complete IP range will be blocked. Most important requirement for an ICP licence to be issued is a local branch office of your company in China. If this requirement is met, the licence usually will be issued.