Hosting Location Singapore


Website-Performance determines the success

Recent research shows that good performance directly impacts on the success of websites. For Microsoft’s search engine Bing for example, a delay of 2 seconds means a decrease in sales of about 4.2% per user. Following an evaluation of Amazon, a latency of 100ms will lead to a decrease of 1% in sales. Yahoo further found out that 400ms will lead to 5 to 9% less transfer volume.

Especially with websites featuring dynamic content a global Content Delivery Network is not enough to offer adequate user-performance. The user experience of your E-Commerce application and with it economic success are rather determined by the location of the origin server. With our hosting offers in Singapore we provide a central location for your origin systems with excellent accessibility for users both in Asia and Australia.

Central hub for internet peering in Asia

Especially in Asia, where the internet backbone is not as fine-meshed as in Europe or North America, a well-established distribution of CDN edge locations is highly important. The Central hubs for global peerings are located in Hong Kong and Singapore.

Central hub for internet peering in Asia

Singapore is world-wide leading in interconnection and line speeds. End-Users are connected with several hundred Mbps. In addition, all big internet carriers located in Singapore offer very good connectivity to Hong Kong and other internet peering locations.

Data Center in Singapore

The data centers of our colocation provider Equinix feature world-wide leading reliability and operability with N+1 redundancy and an availability of 99.99%. The ultra-modern colocation in Singapore is SSAE16 as well as ISO/IEC27001 certified for its service organization and information security.

A high presence of global internet carriers at the Singapore Internet Exchange (SGIX) enables direct access to Asia’s dynamic market places for finance, trade, production and telecommunication.

Through our interconnection with Telstra, the Australian Telekom, we have a very fast connection between Australia and Singapore combined with the finest-meshed network available in Australia. Because of that the origin systems in Singapore utilize good connectivity to the CDN edge locations in Australia.

Managed Hosting Services - Made in Germany

The data center in Singapore provides optimal connectivity to our headquarters in Munich, guaranteeing fastest data exchange and for example enabling the replication of database systems across colocations. Of course we do provide our extensive management services in accustomed quality in our colocation in Singapore as well.

Among other services, we are offering the following in Singapore:

  • IT security with firewall, system hardening and patch management
  • Global and local traffic management
  • Virtual Private Cloud with system- and application management
  • Database server clustering
  • Backup and disaster recovery imaging
  • Extensive monitoring of operational levels Infrastructure, Software and User-Experience