SLA Reporting

Pacta sunt servanda - Contracts have to be obeyed

SLA Monitoring creates transparency

Service Level Agreements are fundament to fair cooperation with our customers. What our customers can expect concerning service quality and how this can be measured, is defined in SLAs. Metrics and so-called KPIs (key performance indicators) are therefore vital elements of SLAs. The KPI have to reflect the customer’s expectations and possibilities of their IT infrastructure.

Transparency in monitoring and IT infrastructure analysis
With transparency in monitoring and IT infrastructure analysis, we create confidence that the optimum of the service quality expected from us will be met.
KPI Monitoring
KPIs define the end user experience and efficiency of the used resources. These are visible to our customer by means of up-to-date extensive statistics.
IT Metrics Monitoring
Specific metrics and events on all operative levels allow for direct traceability of decisions in order to optimize service quality.

Individual SLAs

For business critical e-commerce and applications with sensitive data, flexibly designed SLAs are an important decision criterion. As a provider of infrastructure and Managed Hosting, we are able to include all operative levels in our SLAs and to design these suited to the demanded performance values, handling and reaction times as well as information security.

Monitoring of the KPIs agreed on within the SLAs is conducted by multilevel escalation schemes, in order to warrant that all predefined goals will be reached to the satisfaction of our customers.

The flexibility of our SLAs is spanning service goals, monitoring of defined KPIs and reporting.

Page Load Monitoring


User experience based on page load

User Transaction

Transaction performance with 500 users at once

Mean Time To Repair Monitoring

Mean Time To Repair

Mean time for analysis and fault elimination of single components

Change Request

Mean reaction time with qualified feedback

RTPO Monitoring

Return to Production

Maximum time needed for recovery after operation has been interrupted

Backup und Restore

Backup Frequenz und maximal tolerierbarer Datenverlust (RPO)

Integrated reporting and service reviews

Apart from classic KPIs for infrastructures, specific KPIs can also be integrated into monitoring and reporting, allowing for quantifying various service goals and the creation of well-grounded reports concerning the service quality.

Here the SLA reports are fundament to a continuous improvement program, which is evaluated by us together with our customers in service reviews. Our goal is the reaction to customer demands in good time and the integration of altered service goals into our SLA monitoring.