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Internet Service Essentials Full-Service spanning internet access, webserver, e-mail and dns

Most essential to know is to know what is essential

We know how important internet access, messaging and presentation in the www is to any company, so we have rounded up these services as Essentials. Additionally, DNS and a SSL secured communication are fundamental to almost every internet application.

With full-service and a wide product range of additional services we will take care that internet will be a self-contained system for you and intersection issues as well as disputes on competences will be a thing of the past.

ManagedInternet Access
Whether fast fiber-optic internet or broadband DSL, both connection technologies need to be reliable. In case of a disruption it has to be either solved quickly or there must be an alternative solution ready. Always-On of your internet connection is essential.
Managed Email Service
With CommuniGate Mail and Microsoft Exchange we offer extensive messaging services covering all communication standards such as IMAP, POP3, SMTP, RCP over HTTPS and ActiveSync, of course with secure data transmission within SSL-encrypted connections.
Managed Website Hosting
Pre-configured systems with a high level of security are ready to be deployed for your Website or Microsite. You provide data and content, and leave administration of system, webserver and database to our experts.

Reliable internet connections are essential

Based on the advantages of outsourcing IT services and IT infrastructure to external datacenters, the demand for more bandwidth of your company’s internet connectivity is constantly rising. Additionally, communication technologies such as VoIP have high demands concerning transmission quality. Delays or even disruptions will have a devastating influence on your company’s communication.

With several 10 GBit uplinks to various Tier-1 network providers and over 100 Peerings to national as well as international providers, we provide highest reliability and performance. As an independent ISP we are able to offer Internet lines from different carriers in your preferred technology (Ethernet or DSL). If you wish we can bundle several lines into one fail-safe network.

    • Providing fiber-optic internet connections up to 1 GBit. Symmetric broadband DSL up to 20 Mbit is realized with our partner carriers M-net and QSC.
    • With firewall service, Managed VPNs and Anomaly-Detection we offer a broad variety of services to shield your internet connection from abuse and attacks.
    • Data transfer between your company and our IT infrastructure is free of charge. Additionally, we can offer interesting contingent and flat-rate plans for your IP-Transit volume.
    • Professional support through our service center, extensive and daily utilization statistics as well as a 24/7 network monitoring are inherent parts of our internet services.

E-mail, the most important internet application

E-mail has become the most important type of company communication, which is why you have the right to demand efficient protection and up-to-date technology for this business-critical communication platform. We answer these demands with our innovative and reliable messaging services.

Whether it is about mail relaying for hosting purposes or a mail server with workgroup functions, we offer you a full-featured messaging infrastructure covering all communication standards.

    • - CommuniGate Mail either as mail relay or secure server for SMTP, IMAP, POP3; complete with web frontend for messaging and administration
    • - Secure access to your mailbox and crucial company data, even when you are on the go. Exchange Mail supports Outlook MAPI access, Outlook Web Access, Outlook Mobile Access, Microsoft DirectPush and ActiveSync
    • - Extensive group functions such as calendar, scheduling, reservation and booking of meeting rooms as well as shared folders to store data and documents centrally
    • - Firewall protection and service operation with Patch- and Update-Management. Our option Dedicated VPS Exchange Server also allows the integration of Exchange via IPsec-, IKEv2- or SSL-VPN into your Active Directory
    • - Data transfer volume, IP addresses and SSL certificate free of charge

Hosting of Websites and Product Microsites

You are using the internet as an important sales channel for your products and services? Then you attach great importance to the availability of your Webservice. With VWeb we are offering a stable and modular, extendable product that has been perfectly integrated in our virtual Cloud-Infrastructure.

VWeb contains an IP-Traffic flat-rate, variable extendable disk-space from 1 to 30 GB with daily backup, dedicated IP addresses, system access via SSH and FTPS, as well as Patch- and Update-Service for all ordered system components.

    • Apache HTTP server, world-wide the most used webserver (more than 50%). Characteristics for Apache HTTP are high performance and fail-safety.
    • PHP to create dynamic web pages. The true strength of PHP lies in its integrated, high-quality database connectivity. It is used in a multitude of open source CMS systems.
    • MySQL, a reliable and fast database system functions as CMS backend. Parts of our services are administration, tuning and monitoring of your database. In order to administer your data tables, we will install the management tool phpMyAdmin.
    • TYPO3 is a widely used CMS system based on PHP and MySQL. Setup of the core system as well as installing security updates are part of our services. We will also install and configure other content management systems such as Wordpress or Drupal on request.
    • Apache Tomcat is an open source Java Servlet and JavaServer Pages software implementation. Many new software solutions such as E-Shops or CMS systems need a Tomcat environment, which we will also provide within the VWeb.
    • SSL certificate for a safe access to your website. We will take care of applying the certificate at the certification authority and configuring your system to serve HTTPS.
Domain Management and Domain Name Service
Domain Management with registration & management and Domain Name Service including name-server configuration are inseparably connected because domains are the identity of your company and your products in the internet.
SSL Certificate Management
SSL Management includes issuing, validation and signing by registered certification authorities, timely renewal and the installation of SSL certificates on your internet systems
Software License Management
With SPLA you are able to use the latest version of your Microsoft Software without update costs. You do not have any entry costs, don’t need a minimum of licenses and can manage your license portfolio on a monthly basis.

Domain Management

Quick Domain registration with different registration authorities, administration of your zone entries and signing of zones for DNSSEC are tasks that should be preferably managed centrally. As all internet services are dependent on a correctly configured DNS, Hosting and DNS should be ideally managed by one provider in order to avoid delays or incidents.

We will register your domain within your chosen TLD and advice you about the different registration requirements. We will manage your domain portfolio and take care that your registered data is correct. As a member of the DENIC we will make changes for .de zones almost in real-time.

Additionally we are connecting your domain to our distributed and fail-safe DNS systems, configuring your DNS zones according to your applications. With detail knowledge about your hosted application it is easy for us to create complex DNS entries such as autodiscover, DNSSEC or SPF according to best-practices.

SSL Management

For websites operating with confidential or personal data it is self-evident that the communication with the end-user is encrypted by SSL/TLS. By now there is a clear trend towards even using digital certificates and HTTPS if no sensitive data is transmitted at all.

Google for example rates websites higher if they utilize certificates with 2048 Bit encryption. There even was established a new standard called “The HTTPS-Only Standard” for official governmental websites in the United States.

The company-wide management of SSL certificates can become a complex venture. The generation of secure keys, the choice of what is actually rated as a secure algorithm, the creation of adequate CSRs, not to mention the signing process itself and management of SSL certificates all contain risks, that can be avoided with our SSL management services.

Software License Management

As a certified Microsoft Partner, netplace has the right to license software based on the so-called Pay-Per-Use model. That way you can be billed on a monthly basis for your licenses – of course only for those that have actually been used during the respective month.

SPLA enables you to always use latest software versions without additional costs. You won’t have any entry costs and do not have to purchase a minimum number of e.g. user licenses. With SPLA you won’t have to be committed to a product due to high acquisition costs. You are able to switch to another product within one month.