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Operating Services For a maximum of performance and availability

Behind the scenes, everything has to interlockā€¦ just like cog wheels

Our experience from a multitude of internet projects shows that structured and consequently applied operating processes are essential to keep the application always-on. That is why our service management is based on clearly defined work flows which are audited in rotation.

Traffic management, IT security, virtualization, operating system and application software are areas of operation which are closely interlocked with each other. However, every single operation has a strong influence on the stability of your internet project and therefore is responsible for its success. If you want to avoid frictional loss at intersections the only option is an integrated perception in project planning and operation.

Software Configuration and Change Management
Configuration and Change Management
Defined workflows guarantee auditability and traceability of all installations and updates
Virtual Private Cloud Management
Virtual Private Cloud Management
Parts of the cloud infrastructure are VLAN, firewall, scalable virtual machines, cluster and storage solutions and an intelligent load balancing
Software Patch Management
Patch Management
Regular patching guarantees a safe operation and fixes vulnerabilities in system software and application

Managed Private Cloud

Just as public clouds, private cloud infrastructures also are flexible and can be extended individually. Just as with hardware servers, resources can be assigned dedicated to systems, making private clouds combine the best of both worlds. The private cloud infrastructure consists of dedicated VLANs, network firewall, individually configurable virtual machines and optionally cloud storage and load balancer. All components of the private cloud will be managed by us depending on your requirements.

Patch Management

An important part of our extensive security concept is the regular and timely installation of software updates (patches). Patches support a stable system operation and also fix known vulnerabilities in system software and application components proactively. Software will be installed exclusively via a software repository managed by us. Within this repository, software packages from distributors are mirrored in the actual version. Additionally, versions that have been compiled by us will also be centrally stored here.

Configuration and Change Management

These two operational processes allow for the providing of all necessary information for your project, such as installation, configuration, tuning and optimization parameters, security policies and parameters of risk analysis. This assures transparent workflows, allowing for auditability and traceability of every installation and update.

Managed Hosting services

Basis to our Managed Hosting services is an infrastructure with components of leading system and software manufacturers such as Juniper, Cisco, F5, Dell, VMWare, Redhat and Microsoft. In order to provide optimal performance and availability to your systems, this infrastructure has been built by us following current best practices in network segmentation, reliability, firewall security, load balancing, system configuration and system tuning.

Firewall Security and Local Traffic Management

Determination of a security policy in consideration of protection requirements. Implementing security rules on our firewall systems and hardening of application components.

Development of individual rules (iRules) on our load balancers ensures an ideal distribution of web-requests with current webserver workload and web session persistence in mind.

Virtual Private Servers and Cluster Systems

Optimal tuned virtual machines with a guaranteed resource allocation and configuration of vCPUs, memory dimensioning, disk type and disk size in accordance with your needs.

Scalable clustering of server systems with high availability and performance. A distributed, fail-safe filesystem (GlusterFS) and data replication are available optionally.

System and Application Management

Up-to-date, hardened operating system, either MS Windows Server or Red Hat Enterprise Linux and tuning of system services and parameters in combination with your application.

Individually configured performance optimized application servers such as Apache HTTPD, Percona MySQL, IIS, ASP.NET, MSSQL to process and manage your data.

Cost Efficiency with Managed Services from one ISP

Outsourcing enables smaller companies to use technologies and standardized operational processes, which otherwise only big enterprises with respective expert know-how could afford.

Cost structure of our services is based on non-recurring costs for project planning and fix monthly costs for operation. As an ISP with our own infrastructure, we can offer you hosting bundled with managed services at especially attractive conditions.

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