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In E-Commerce, availability, security and performance are key factors for success. Promising internet projects often fail or are not able to meet the expectations due to overlooked or misjudged technical correlations, especially if services of different project partners are not optimally coordinated.

Our project modules for hosting E-Commerce applications have been designed by us with the experience and know-how from a multitude of successful projects. The flexibility of our services allows a growing with your requirements from a small E-Shop system up to an international E-Commerce platform.


Internet Service Essentials

Internet Service Essentials

Full-Service for Internet Access, Webserver, E-Mail and DNS

Fiber-optic Ethernet or Business-DSL for a performant fail-safe internet connection

Hosting of Microsites and Product Microsites, flexibly configurable

Innovative and reliable messaging with either CommuniGate or MS Exchange

One-stop domain registration, competent zone management and distributed DNS infrastructure

Management of SSL certificates, creation and integration according to best practices

Pay-Per-Use based software licenses with free updates but without long-term obligations

We know how important internet access, messaging and presentation in the WWW are to any company, so we have rounded up these services as Essentials. Additionally, DNS and a secure communication with SSL form the basis for almost every internet application.

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Operating Services

Managed Hosting Services

Managed Hosting for a maximum of performance and availability

Providing a Private Cloud Infrastructure based on individual product modules such as scalable VMs, system-management, database management, load-balancing and firewall service for your internet application

Installation, update, tuning and security of system- and application-software

In-depth and comprehensive analysis of any relevant processes, including third party software and development of proposed solutions with decision support

Just as the Public Cloud, the Private Cloud is also flexible and can be extended individually. Just as with hardware servers, resources can be assigned dedicated to systems, making Private Clouds combine the best of both worlds.

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Managed CDN Service

Managed CDN Service

A worldwide Content Delivery Network brings you closer to your customer

Faster loading times accomplished by lower latencies and reliable high data transfer rates as a result of having 50 CDN edge locations distributed around the globe

Cost saving, as webserver capacities do not have to be reserved for traffic peaks

Improved user-experience by various optimization methods with Dynamic Site Acceleration

Additional protection from DDoS attacks by extensive control mechanisms on network- and application-level

Website content such as HTML, image- and video-media, CSS and JavaScript files can be stored temporarily in any edge location of the CDN within so-called caches. With the geographic proximity between user and edge location, websites can be loaded much faster.

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Managed Storage Services

Managed Storage Service

Ideal storage solutions for your individual requirements of capacity and performance

Clustered file system for webservers with 10 GBit network-connectivity with dedicated physical links and VLANs and flexible scaling on demand

Fail-safe and performant storage on Hybrid Arrays with SSD and HDD technology for VMs

High performant local SSD storage for clustered database systems

Instant cloning of production data for test- or development-purposes without a decrease in performance for the productive systems

The choice of the best suitable technology for the storage system is the key to your application being able to reach the desired performance. Especially in web applications, the ideal solution is not just a single storage system such as a purely hard-disk-drive- or flash-based-array. Parts of the required disk-space can also be shifted into a storage cloud.

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Managed Backup Service

Managed Backup Service

Highest security and availability for your data

Backups via dedicated Backup-LAN to storage systems in a separated datacenter and fire-zone

Shorter RTPOs by a fast disaster recovery of application consistent backups

Flexible and performant recovery of either complete VMs or selected data

Automatic recoverability-check and monitoring of execution and integrity of data backups

Always-On and high availability require intelligent backup procedures offering a fast restoration of systems and data in case of disaster recovery. With the backup and disaster recovery technology we use, it is possible that we can realize a return to production for applications and data in less than 15 minutes.

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