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Managed Storage ServicesIdeal storage solutions for your Performance requirements

640 Kilobyte ought to be enough for anybody. Bill Gates, 1981

Due to the enormous advance in technology, storage systems are constantly changing. However, an optimal storage system providing availability, reliability and performance under different application scenarios has not yet approached. An ideal storage infrastructure would have to be able to absorb traffic peaks without any or low decreases in performance. At this point, however, many storage solutions still have their problems.

For this reason the choice of the best suitable technology is the key for a specific application being able to reach the desired performance. On most occasions the ideal solution is not just a single system such as an array consisting only of hard disk drives or only of flash-based disks. For individual parts of an application for example a hybrid storage system can be the ideal solution, while other parts of the needed storage might be placed into a storage cloud.

GlusterFS for Private Clouds
GlusterFS - Private Cloud
Fail-safe storage system for virtual systems, optimized to allow concurrent access to a shared filesystem
Hybrid Storage Arrays
Hybrid Storage Arrays
Flash memory for fast access to frequently used data and hard disk space for less frequently used data blocks
SSD storage systems
High performant SSD storage
Directly Attached Storage for I/O-intensive applications. 10x faster throughput on read access and 4x higher write rates

GlusterFS, our Scale-Out storage solution for your Private Cloud

With GlusterFS we provide a fail-safe storage system for concurrent access to a shared filesystem among several machines in the Private Cloud. This technology, which is also used by Google for cloud storage, enables you to connect to high available storage pools which can provide capacities of several Petabytes without interruption of the ongoing operation. With GlusterFS we provide the flexibility needed to either transfer data to a storage cloud or to extend classic storage forms like SAN or local SSDs with storage-capacities from the cloud.

Connectivity to the storage cloud is based on its own 10 GBit network via dedicated VLANs and physical links in order to keep latencies low and allowing for a high data throughput, but also to guarantee data security.

Fail-safe and performant storage on Hybrid Storage Arrays

Hybrid-Storage-Systems combine flash memory for access to frequently used data with HDD-space for less frequently used data blocks. The intelligent distribution to the different types of storage media is done automatically.

The Hybrid Arrays are connected by another dedicated 10 GBit network via iSCSI and with their performance, allow for the migration of virtual machines (vMotion) inside the server-farm within seconds. This is why hybrid arrays are best suited for Virtual Machine Storage in a cloud environment.

High performance SSD storage for clustered database systems

Especially I/O-intense database applications will profit from directly connected SSD storage because it allows for an up to 10x faster data throughput for read-access and still 4x faster write rates compared to classic HDD storage.

In order to guarantee high availability for applications with Direct Attached Storage we recommend an operation of these systems in a cluster. We will provide you with suitable data replication processes.